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When searching for solar companies it could be a bit overwhelming. There are over hundreds in the state of Texas alone. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you differentiate between the types of solar energy contractors and companies.

Solar Equipment Manufactures

These are the companies like Tesla, Enphase, and Mission Solar. They make the solar panels, and or batteries. The manufactures mostly sell their products to solar energy contractors. Solar manufacturers build the physical components that go into your solar power system. Most of the time you don’t buy directly from manufactures, as they sell their products directly to the installers.

Solar Financing Companies

These companies sell solar systems and help you finance it. Whether or not you work with this kind of company depends on if you choose to finance your system or not. These types of solar companies usually outsource to other solar energy contractors to do the installations for them. They normally don’t have any involvement with the hands-on part of the install. Nowadays solar install companies use local banks to help finance if that’s something that you want to do.

Solar Energy Contractors/Installers

Solar energy contractors are the companies that you go to when looking to go solar. There are some that specialize in residential or commercial while others do both. They take the products from the solar manufactures and install then on your property. Sometimes they work with a solar financing company, but if they’re local they tend not to. The good solar companies, try not to outsource to other companies and do everything from financing to installs in house. The only other type of solar company they work with is manufactures. If you want to find out how to pick the right solar energy contractor click here !

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