today is Feb 02, 2023

At EFS, our goal is to make solar simple.  There are lots of hoops to jump through, miles of red tape to slash, and fake-news-sized gaps in information we have to fill every day. That’s why we have built a team around refining this process down to make it easy for you to understand and capitalize on.

Not only do we have to work hand in hand with the utility company to interconnect your solar array to the grid, but we also deal with a myriad of Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs), and other governmental entities that are interested parties in this process.

By establishing ourselves as a trusted contractor in both Missouri and Illinois, we have built strong relationships with all of these parties and continue to work with them to make improvements to processes and procedures as we go.

By partnering with some of the best contractors in the land, we can ensure the highest level of quality that you can get in solar today. When you make a 25 year investment, you want to know it’s going to last!  You want to know it’s not going to cause more problems than it solves! You want to go to the best in the industry to not only get a warranty on paper, but a warranty in a name and brand you can trust.

Just ask our clients and partners about our work. We gladly provide references because we stand behind every project that we complete 100%. By making our customers happy, we lean on them to spread the word that EFS Energy is the best.

We won’t hold your hand through the process because of the virus, but we will do virtually everything for you and even provide you $0 down financing if you want it. Forms will be filed electronically, meetings will be held via Zoom or some other such video conferencing, people will wear gloves and masks, and all other CDC and/or WHO recommendations will be followed to keep people safe!

Technology is our specialty, customer service is our creed, and quality is our culture. Please check out this video we made recently and let us know what you think! There are a few other videos on the Youtube channel that you can view as well and I would love more feedback on.

If you have ideas for more that we can do, let me know that as well!

Stay safe out there, try to stay sane, and above all love one another. Lend a helping hand to your neighbor if you get the opportunity.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

-Paul McKnight

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