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today is Nov 29, 2022

By WPED Staff | June 22, 2022

Semtive USA has launched the Nemoi M wind turbine system, a vertical wind solution for homes and commercial entities. Generating clean energy for a highly competitive levelized cost of energy (LCOE) as low as $0.01/kWh, the Nemoi M can be installed as a standalone system or to optimize solar and energy storage as part of a hybrid renewable energy system.

The Nemoi M includes the Trinity Energy Management Interface (EMI), an advanced inverter and energy management solution that easily integrates wind, solar and energy storage resources to take advantage of their natural operating windows and offset load during peak demand times when electricity prices are at their highest.

LCOE is defined as the total cost of an energy system over its useful life, divided by the total energy production. Semtive’s estimated LCOE is based on the installed cost of the complete turbine system using average U.S. labor costs for renewable energy installation. Energy production is based on turbine performance in average weather conditions where wind speeds range from 4 to 7 mph.

The Nemoi M solves historical issues with vertical wind turbines related to design, performance, unit cost, maintenance and energy management. Virtually noiseless, the Nemoi is made of durable, aerospace-grade aluminum and operates from a light breeze to high winds. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Nemoi M has a rated power capacity of 2.4 kW and includes a comprehensive 20-year warranty.

“We are proud to offer a decentralized energy solution that will provide access to reliable, affordable clean energy for all,” said Ignacio Juarez, CEO of Semtive. “Semtive solutions will help solar installers expand their market with hybrid systems that minimize costs, reduce the need for large roof space, and optimize energy production.”

The Nemoi has a simple design and can be installed on concrete pads in less than an hour. Systems have been in development and installed in pilot sites worldwide, including homes, nonprofits and businesses across the United States as well as Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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