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today is Sep 24, 2022

Movies and fiction have shown us reasons why accessible renewable and clean sources of energy are so valuable.  Firstly, there’s Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor in Iron Man. Secondly, you’ve got sci-fi movies’ massive solar energy collectors in space, fueling colonies, or beaming down energy to home planets.

We’re still a ways away from those kinds of energy applications. We are, however, in place to introduce more sustainable energy solutions today. For this reason, solar power seems the best bet to get us to our goal. How so? Read on to know what the advantages are when you go solar—that is, in comparison to other renewable energy sources.

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Reasons why solar energy is the best form of renewable energy available

The reasons why the best ability is availability

Many of the renewable energy solutions we find in fiction are usually large-scale operations that power vast cities or even entire planets. Similarly, we are taking steps towards larger areas of coverage for our current renewable energy technology.

Unless you own a windy hilltop or a strip of coastline, you’re unlikely to put up a wind farm. Conversely, with solar, you only need a patch of rooftop and you’re set. It’s this level of accessibility that lets solar massively transform the world. Solar is eminently suitable to even the smallest-scale applications. For these reasons, most people have access to and can afford it.  Accordingly, it makes the most sense to adopt it.

Longevity is king

Being able to guarantee decades of service is one of the main reasons that solar has so much going for it. Many solar energy applications, from household solar to utility-scale solar farms, will work reliably for many, many years.

Furthermore, warranties and performance guarantees are long term with the good the materials and designs available. In addition, things will only keep getting better in future, which will benefit consumers even more.

Preserving the environment in other ways

Some forms of renewable energy require building structures to optimize harnessing the power of nature. However, this may mean having to do terraforming in order to achieve the necessary results. That could not only affect the environment to a considerable extent but may also make living conditions less comfortable.

To summarize, these negatives are not issues with solar power. To begin with, solar farms are convenient on any areas of open or vacant land. If necessary, structures can mitigate any issues while still conforming to the system’s requirements. This avoids the need to displace anyone or cause any other disruptions. A good example of this is integrating solar panel systems into open farmland.

The reasons to look at solar for our home energy needs

To sum up, solar is truly our best bet for turning things around. It will enable us to ensure sufficient clean energy, while safeguarding and protecting the environment. With its easy scalability, many platforms are able to take advantage of the technology. Indeed, for all these reasons, it’s got most other options beat. Unless someone does a Tony Stark and finds a fantastical alternative form of renewable energy, solar remains our best bet.

You can start on your own solar energy journey by installing a solar panel system at your home. Call or contact us to get a free quote for your home’s specific needs. Once your new solar panels are up, you’ll get to experience the amazing economic benefits of solar power yourself.