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Preparing for the Electric Future

The world is turning toward electric alternatives for energy use to cut back on the production of greenhouse gasses and to slow the roll of climate change. From vehicles to commercial equipment, everything is going electric. The future is electric and it’s crucial for everyone’s financial stability moving forward to keep up with these changes and lean into electric energy alternatives. By making changes to incorporate electric energy into your life now, you’ll ensure that your home or business is equipped to sustainably survive in the future. Going electric is complex and SolarTech is here to help.

Going solar is where it all starts. By adding solar to your home or business you position yourself to be less reliant on the utility, and on other forms of energy use. Electricity is expensive and as time goes on, we’ve seen and we’ll continue to see electricity rates rise. Utility companies such as SDGE have the highest utility rates in the entire country. Solar systems are sized by our professionals at SolarTech to ensure that your solar production offsets the energy consumption of your home or business. With solar installed, you’ll see a dramatic and positive impact on your monthly utility bills, from the moment you install solar throughout the lifetime of your system.

Solar not only saves you from spending excessive money in the future, but when you go solar it can also earn you credits on your utility bills, putting money back in your pocket. Thanks to popular programs like NET Metering, solar owners have the potential to earn credits for all the excess solar that they produce and send back to the grid. Over time, solar can help save you tremendous amounts of money that you would otherwise be pumped straight into the utility.

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Energy storage is the next step in prepping for the electric future. Adding energy storage to your home or business when paired with solar will allow you to gain energy independence from the utility and save money over the lifetime of your system. While your solar system produces energy, it also actively replenishes your energy storage. Not only can your energy storage be configured to kick in when your solar begins to produce less, but your system can also be programmed to serve as a blackout backup device for when the grid goes down.

Installing energy storage also gives you the freedom to expand your electric repertoire. Investing in an EV will soon become a necessity, but when you don’t have the means to charge your EV affordably, you fall into another cycle of spending too much to get too little. EVs can effectively be charged with solar and when you incorporate energy storage, charging your EV becomes even more cost-effective than just having solar alone. With new commercial appliances going electric, adding energy storage to your business is a growing necessity because you will need a steady supply of stored energy to charge all of your equipment. Adding solar plus energy storage now, is the best thing you could do for your home or business as we head into the electric future.

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The unknown can be very intimidating and with things changing all the time, it’s difficult to understand – how to prepare yourself for the future. Rest assured, SolarTech is here for your electric needs. Going solar with SolarTech is an excellent way to ensure you’ll have financial stability in the future. Installing solar plus energy storage is a great way to gain energy independence from the utility and save on your energy needs.

The Future is Electric with SolarTech

By installing solar plus energy storage sooner rather than later, you’re setting yourself up to save a lot of money over the lifetime of your home or business. Not only that, but you’ll be fully prepared for the future dependence on electricity.

If you’re interested in learning more or receiving a free quote, click the link below or call (619) 743-9193. The future is electric! Go solar with SolarTech.

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