Is Solar Worth it in Sacramento? | Green Energy Enthusiast

today is Sep 24, 2022

Solar is an excellent way for businesses and homeowners to save on their utilities and contribute to fighting climate change. With several tax incentives available, both at the state and federal level, solar is also the most affordable that it has ever been. Today we’re going to be focusing on whether it’s worth going solar in Sacramento.

Solar Tax Incentives?

The federal solar tax credit is still available and will be till 2024. Currently, customers who purchase and install solar within 2022 can receive the full 26% tax credit. Starting in 2023 the credit will be reduced to 23% before being eliminated entirely started in 2024. The tax credit is an excellent reason for going solar as it can significantly reduce the overall expense of having your solar installed, and you’re able to receive it in Sacramento.

California offers Net Metering, which allows solar owners to earn credits from the excess solar that they produce. Net Metering is currently at its best, allowing solar customers to lock in rates for the next 20 years. These rates are both affordable and profitable. Sacramento utility provider, SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), offers time-of-use rates for their customers. TOU’s are rates that fluctuate throughout the day with rates rising in the evening when most people are expected to be home and consuming the most energy.

Thanks to these TOU’s, you can profit off your solar production. If rates are higher while you’re overproducing, then your credit payout will be higher as well. NEM when combined with TOU’s are perfect for solar customers, allowing you to profit from your solar investment.

Sacramento offers their solar tax credits as well to encourage customers to go solar.

The Active Solar Energy System Exclusion is a new construction exclusion on the value added to a home after the solar installation, and it’s available to customers who install solar in Sacramento. To speak with someone at SolarTech about incentives for going solar, call (619) 743-9193.

Solar Production?

Sacramento is a city that gets plenty of sun throughout the year. In fact, Sacramento gets roughly 305 days of sun throughout the year! *  All of that sun is free energy waiting for you to harness. With little cloud coverage and plenty of sun, you can be sure that your solar system will provide plenty of energy production year-round. Going solar is a welcome and positive step in Sacramento, as it allows you to use the sun and take advantage of the abundant solar production that’s just waiting for you.

Is Solar Worth it in Sacramento?

In short, yes! Being a city that garners several days of sun throughout the year, within a state with several tax incentives for going solar, Sacramento is the perfect place to install solar. You can lower your utility bills and start generating your own energy in Sacramento, with solar. Utilizing solar allows you to rely less on your utilities because you’ll be supplementing your energy use with solar, which saves you a lot of money over the lifetime of your system.

Going solar is made easy with the incentives offered by both the state and federal governments. You can receive great tax credits and tax breaks for your solar installation. Solar is perfect for Sacramento.

Go Solar with SolarTech

At SolarTech, we pride ourselves on being a SunPower Master Dealer. We offer SunPower products and energy solutions that are fit for your solar needs. SunPower products have industry leading warranties, and some of the most efficient panels on the market. SolarTech has been installing solar for over 20 years and our expertise makes us the perfect company to trust for your solar installation.

If you’d like to speak with someone about going solar in Sacramento, or perhaps receiving a free solar quote, call (619) 743-9193 or click the link below.