today is Feb 02, 2023

Savings with Solar

The future is electric and as states move closer to a carbon-neutral future, now is the best time to go solar. Solar is the most affordable and more accessible than it has ever been, with several federal and state incentives still available for potential customers. When you invest in solar you invest in savings and while you will have to spend some money upfront, you will ultimately save yourself thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your solar system

How much can I save?

Solar is an investment that comes with both long-term and immediate financial benefits. According to EnergySage, the average home can save anywhere between “$10,000 and $30,000 over the lifetime of their solar panel system (Richardson, 2021). By installing solar on your home, you can expect to pay significantly less on your utilities, as solar serves to offset your energy spend.

Some customers at SolarTech have seen their utility bills cut from $800 to $75, after having installed solar. By using solar energy to power your home during the day you limit your reliance on the utility. In doing so, you’re spending less money by using less of the utility’s energy. By cutting your reliance from the utilities and becoming energy independent, you can significantly reduce your utility bills with solar and cash in on the savings.

How Much Can I Save with Solar?

Earn Credits

One huge benefit that solar customers see is the earnings to be made with credits. Utilities like SDGE, PGE, and SCE, all offer Net Metering programs that allow solar owners to receive credits on their utility bills for the excess energy that they produce with solar. These credits are an excellent way to save on your future utility bills. These savings are only amplified thanks to Time of Use Rates (TOU’s), employed by Net Metering.

TOU’s are utility rates that fluctuate throughout the day, with energy use being more expensive during times when homeowners are expected to be home and using the most energy. When you send power back to the grid during these times, you earn credits equivalent to those expensive rates. So, depending on when you’re sending energy back to the grid your earnings could be increased. Going solar is the best way to save during TOU’s and to generate immense credits at the same time.

Prepare for the Electric Future

Going solar can save you lots of money by preparing you for the electric future.  Many states are moving toward a carbon-neutral future with hopes of making the world more reliant on solar energy. As the future goes electric, so does everyday life. Our homes and businesses will all be affected by the electric shift.

California for instance is set to ban the sale of small off-road engines by 2024. Gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers, just to name a few, will be phased out in the coming years, and replaced by electric alternatives. With this encroaching shift, your home or business will need to be equipped to power and charge this electric equipment. As utility rates continue to rise, it’s important to lower the cost of charging this equipment, by doing so with solar.

Utility Rates will Only Continue to Rise

Utility rates have and will only continue to rise over the coming years. According to a report from Utility Dive, “by 2030 PGE residential rates will be 40 percent higher… SCE rates will be 20 percent higher… and SDGE rates will by 70 percent higher” by 2030. The best way to avoid falling victim to these rates is to add solar to your home. With NEM 2.0, you can lock in your utility rates for the next 20 years, assuming you go solar by 2023. By going solar, you can save money whereas others will be paying more for their utilities.

Go Solar with SolarTech

Going solar can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your system. By lessening your dependence on the utility, profiting off of TOU’s and future-proofing your home or business, there are countless ways that you can save with solar. The Future Is Electric. Go Solar with SolarTech.

SolarTech has been in business for over 20 years. We can guide you through the electrification process, future-proofing your home and business as you go solar. Give us a call today at (619) 743-9193 or click the link below to speak with a solar energy analyst to receive a free solar quote!