today is Feb 02, 2023

Following Earth Day, it’s important to continue looking toward the electric future and asses our impact, and place on this Earth. Climate change has rapidly reshaped the landscape of this world, both figuratively and literally, and it’s driving a push toward more sustainable means of energy production. Solar energy is at the forefront of many discussions around the globe concerning alternatives to fossil fuels, but does solar energy actually make an impact on the planet? If you went solar, would you be making a difference?

A leading cause of climate change is carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are a type of greenhouse gas that is produced when carbon dioxide enters the air as a result of human activity. Burning fossil fuels, trees and biological waste, amongst other things, directly contributes to carbon emissions. In terms of quantity, carbon emissions are the primary greenhouse gas emitted across the U.S., but why does that matter?

Greenhouse gasses trap heat in the atmosphere. As a result, the planet begins to gradually warm over time, drastically changing environments and impacting every living thing on Earth. In the U.S. the majority of energy consumption is concentrated in petroleum and natural gas, with only 12 percent of our energy consumption coming from renewable sources (, 2020). The US alone is producing an unprecedented amount of greenhouse gasses that are contributing to climate change.

Solar energy has a very minimal carbon footprint, producing zero greenhouse gasses when operating.

Manufacturing solar panels produces a great deal of carbon emissions; however, a solar panel’s carbon footprint is nearly 20 times less than the carbon emissions of coal-powered sources. You’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint as soon as you install solar and make the switch. Over time, the production from your solar panels will begin to pay for the carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process. After nearly three years of operation, your solar panels will become carbon neutral*.

Solar panels are cable of producing enough energy to power your entire home or business when sized correctly, something that SolarTech’s professional solar analysts can do for you. By replacing traditional power sources with solar, we’re able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and directly reduce climate change.

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