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today is Aug 15, 2022

By WPED Staff | June 27, 2022

In response to growing market demand, polymeric technology company Belzona now offers a leading-edge repair and protection solution. Optimized to be easy-to-apply, fast-curing and hard-wearing, the combination of Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721 is specially designed to fortify wind turbine blades with outstanding protection against leading-edge erosion for the long term.

From Norway to North Dakota, since its launch in October 2019, Belzona’s leading-edge protection coating, Belzona 5721, has already been deployed at numerous wind farms worldwide to great success. Lauded as an “extremely fast and cost- effective solution for protecting leading edges” by Jæren Vind Energi AS in Norway, the turbine blade coating provides a quick and straightforward means of protecting leading edges in situ.

Now, building on this knowledge and experience in the field, the company has developed Belzona 5711 – a thixotropic paste specially designed to be applied in conjunction with the Belzona 5721 protective coating (amongst other product options). This solvent-free, two-part repair paste is specially formulated for the in-situ repair and rebuilding of leading-edge erosion and impact damage on wind turbine blades.

“Whilst offering rapid cure, Belzona 5711 also has a good working life which allows for the material to be perfectly contoured/formed to the leading edge of the blade. This removes the need for sanding, therefore, eliminating a step in the repair process and simplifying the application,” said Jason Horn, Research and Development Manager. “Belzona 5711 cures quickly and can be directly overcoated with Belzona 5721 in as little as 30 minutes at 20°C/68°F — without the need for any additional preparation. At the same temperature, Belzona 5721 will be fully cured within five hours, allowing the turbine to be returned to service in the same day.”

He concluded: “With the combination of Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721, the balance between usability and rapid return-to-service makes the products ideal for in-situ repair across a broad application temperature range. The long shelf-life also makes Belzona an ideal stocking material for wind turbine maintenance.”

Key Benefits of New Belzona Leading-Edge Repair Product

  • 60-minute cure time in ambient temperatures ensures rapid return-to-service
  • Product is suitable for all climates (5-40°C / 41-104°F) with a maximum overcoat window of 24 hours
  • Cartridge packaging ensures good mixing quality and ease of use
  • Easy to contour and long working-life ensures a smooth finish
  • Reduced health and safety risks (CMR free labelling in EU)
  • Durable technology provides a long-lasting repair
  • Sanding is not required prior to overcoating with Belzona 5721, thus speeding up the application process
  • Single component rather than two grades for all climates
  • Three-year shelf life allows for flexibility in application planning
  • Higher volume per cartridge ensures reduced packaging waste
  • Can be applied either at offshore or onshore wind farms
  • Can be used to repair manufacturing defects

In addition, Belzona 5711 is available worldwide through the network of Belzona international distributors. In order to ensure that the product is applied correctly, contractors can be trained in the application of Belzona 5711 locally on site by one of the local distributors.

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